Virtual Office (per month)


What you get:

Registered Office address (address to which CRO correspondence and all formal legal notices are sent)
Business Correspondence address (address you give to your customers and clients)
– Mail Forwarding (we will forward the first 10 letters each month. Subsequent letters at the rates below)

Mail Scanning -50c/page (you may choose that we open and scan your post, instead of forwarding it)
Post forwarding – Post cost + 50%
Parcels – €1 per parcel/day (Parcels are stored for collection)

*this service is a monthly charge of €59 exc. VAT. After your first month’s payment through the site, we will set up a recurring monthly invoice for you.

Terms & Conditions apply.

If you have a Limited Company in Ireland, but you don’t have your own office space for your business quite yet, we can help by providing a Dublin correspondence address for your new company.

Your business mail, such as invoices, bank statements, and letters from Revenue can be sent to our address for your business. This will prevent you from having to use your personal residential address for your business.

Every company incorporated in Ireland is required to have a registered office within the country. This is a requirement of the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland and the registered office address needs to be provided upon the creation of your company. This address is where official documents are served and where people have the right to visit to inspect documents and to make deliveries by hand. As a result the CRO will not accept PO Box numbers as a registered address.
If you have a residence or offices in Ireland then you can use one of those as your registered address. If you don’t have a residence or office in Ireland, or you just don’t want to use them as your registered address, then you can use a Virtual Office provider. Small businesses often use these places when the directors are from outside of Ireland.

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